IceScrum Release 4

I was lucky to test IceScrum, a french project, within our company. The test went quite well until we migrated to new Release 4. It seemed to be stable for a few hours. Then several users complained. They couldn’t login anymore. As an administrator I found out that the common reason for this is them missing Administrator role. By doing so, I could solve the problem.

However, several other problems stayed. Browsing projects wasn’t possible as well as browsing teams. Tasks could not be created anymore. 🙁

So here is my advice: Don’t upgrade yet to release 4. The release is an advance, definitely. But the bugs are too heavy to productively use it.

PS: Downgrading is a nightmare. Please, make a database backup before installing release 4. It will save you a lot of effort.

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2 Responses to “IceScrum Release 4”

  1. Ralph Says:

    IceScrum meanwhile released two updates of version 4. However, running it with Tomcat 7 and Java7 still produces bugs in our environment 🙁

  2. Alan Debattista Says:

    There’s loads of agile softwares out there but the best I found, especially with regards to being a user friendly, is the ReQtest Agile Board Software, which can be found here,

    Check it out and let me know if you agree with me!

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