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Bugzilla 4 Java V2.0.3 released

A new version 2.0.3 of B4J has been released. It ensures compatibility with latest Bugzilla releases and introduces a workaround for “Untrusted Authentication Request” errors on some installations. This is the complete list of changes:


  • [BFJ-86] – JiraRpcSession does not allow inheritance
  • [BFJ-87] – BugzillaHttpSession does not allow inheritance
  • [BFJ-88] – BugzillaRpcSession does not allow inheritance
  • [BFJ-89] – AbstractLazyRetriever uses Long.getLong() instead of LangUtils.getLong()
  • [BFJ-90] – Untrusted Authentication Request


  • [BFJ-85] – Overcome Jira's search result limitation

New Feature

  • [BFJ-91] – Add login token usage for RPC usage

You can download the new version here or visit the Homepage of the utility where you will find more documentation.

The Maven Site is available as well. The Maven coordinates are:


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