Eclipse Java RsBudget

RsBudget 2.0 released

logoIt’s done. My first official Eclipse/RCP application is out. RsBudget is an Expense Tracker for everyone. I’ve been developing it now for three years while constantly using it for private purposes. That’s how it grew to its functionality as it is today. I simply used these previous versions in order to feel and learn what’s been missing. Now it’s up to you to tell me what there is to be done next (a few tasks are already waiting ;)).

The application still misses some features, e.g. nice graphical statistics. But I don’t regard them as a must-have so far. They will be added with next versions, some will be available as commercial add-ons later.

The main features are:

  • General Expense Planning
  • Monthly Expense Planning, Tracking and Control
  • Categorization of expenses
  • Comparison of planned and actual values
  • Free text field for personal notes for each month
  • Forecasting of balances and profit/loss
  • Statistics and History
  • Export of transaction records to Excel and CSV
  • Multi-language support (English and German)
  • Online Help
  • Online Update

RsBudget runs on all major desktop platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux) with Java 7 installed. Just download your version here!

CSV Eclipse Java RS Library

Eclipse RCP Common Feature launched

Good news for all Eclipse developers that want to use some of my projects in their own Eclipse/RCP projects. I bundled some modules and projects into a Luna Eclipse Feature Plug-In – called RCP Common Feature.

You will need the Update Site to be added in your IDE and install the feature as you would do with every other Eclipse feature plug-in.

These are the modules and projects currently bundled:

Furthermore, there are three more plug-ins available specific to Eclipse/E4 UI and logging. The feature plug-in is released under LGPL V3 license (as all projects bundled in it).