Calendars 2011

I know, 2011 has already started a few weeks ago. However, I still owe you the DIY Planner calendar. Of course, the calendar differs from Ygor’s template in having week numbers on all templates. This year, I translated it to German as well, so you can have the German or the English version for download.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able yet to create a Windows executable that runs without any additional library. So you have to build the version from your own scratch. The source code is available at my Subversion repository.


Calendar 2010

I finalized my DIY-Planner for 2010. You can download the new calendar here (created with my personal fix for DIY Dynamic Templates).


Personal Fix for DIY Dynamic Templates

Dan White wrote a wonderful Qt4 application for creating a personal D*I*Y planner. I like it a lot and it saves my job every single day since I use it. However, there is one flaw in his templates. The week numbers are missing in calendars. Luckily, he published his source code so I could make some fixes. And of course, I publish it to you for personal use as well.

The files you can download below are based on version 2.04. Following adjustments were made:

  • Added week numbers to day, week, month and year templates
  • Adjusted default page setting to European ISO style A4
  • Adjusted default zoom to 9 (instead of 25)


Windows Executable 2.04 plus Fixes

Source Code 2.04 inkl. Fixes


Please excuse the German wording. I hope this will vanish on English PCs 🙂

Old version at the left, new version at the right…