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Calendars 2011

Monday, January 24th, 2011

I know, 2011 has already started a few weeks ago. However, I still owe you the DIY Planner calendar. Of course, the calendar differs from Ygor’s template in having week numbers on all templates. This year, I translated it to German as well, so you can have the German or the English version for download.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able yet to create a Windows executable that runs without any additional library. So you have to build the version from your own scratch. The source code is available at my Subversion repository.

Calendar 2010

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I finalized my DIY-Planner for 2010. You can download the new calendar here (created with my personal fix for DIY Dynamic Templates).

Personal Fix for DIY Dynamic Templates

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Dan White wrote a wonderful Qt4 application for creating a personal D*I*Y planner. I like it a lot and it saves my job every single day since I use it. However, there is one flaw in his templates. The week numbers are missing in calendars. Luckily, he published his source code so I could make some fixes. And of course, I publish it to you for personal use as well.

The files you can download below are based on version 2.04. Following adjustments were made:

  • Added week numbers to day, week, month and year templates
  • Adjusted default page setting to European ISO style A4
  • Adjusted default zoom to 9 (instead of 25)


Windows Executable 2.04 plus Fixes

Source Code 2.04 inkl. Fixes


Please excuse the German wording. I hope this will vanish on English PCs 🙂

Old version at the left, new version at the right…