Robots.txt Recommendation for WebSVN

You are using WebSVN on your server? The I recommend to have the following robots.txt in place:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /websvn/log.php
Disallow: /websvn/comp.php
Disallow: /websvn/blame.php
Disallow: /websvn/rss.php

The reason is that search engine robots could consume your server performance, especially when your Subversion repository contains larger files. But even if not: there is no reason why robots should index each and every diff between revisions. 🙂


Subversion Web Browsing

The default solution to subversion browsing is WebDAV within Apache. However, it has some drawbacks. You cannot browse history, see comment histories or even check filestamps.

WebSVN provides all these features and comes along with a very modern style. The best of all: You don’t need to install any additional modules. All that WebSVN requires is a current PHP version.

I just switched from the WebDAV solution here on my server to WebSVN. So, check it out…