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Several new Software Releases available

As mentioned in previous post, most of my projects have been touched lately. So here is a list of the latest releases that you might find useful to integrate:

Also, there is a new project: EventBroker – a MQTT-alike event broker to enable losely coupled microservices being synchronized. It is written in Java and runs as docker container. Check it out when you look for an easy way to signal events to REST services in your distributed environment. Fun Feature: a special subscription topic for timer events that will enable you to implement cron jobs inside microservices – triggered by a REST call.

CSV Java

CSV Utility Package 2.0 Beta

Some work has been spent over the last weeks to upgrade the stable CSV Utility Package. Of course, the new version contains all the useful existing functionality. The most beneficial improvement is the introduction of ExcelReader and ExcelWriter classes that behave like the CSV pendants. This means that you do not have to care about the underlying output format when you want to read or write table-structured data. The most important changes are:

  • Introduction of a TableReader and TableWriter interface
  • Introduction of Excel implementation
  • Aligning CSV and Excel implementations to these interfaces
  • Introduction of a Factory class in order to select correct implementation (CSV or Excel)

The Beta version still requires some work in terms of documentation and code beautifying. However, the CSV part is already frozen and you can use it to upgrade your existing projects to the new utility version. The Excel part still faces some changes while improving usability.

Please be aware also that Java package structure needed to be changed to integrate the new classes and interfaces. Additionally, new 3rd party libraries were integrated (Apache POI and JavaBeans Activation).

Download the Beta Version or browse the existing API Documentation. Bugs and/or enhancements can be requested via Bugzilla.

Applications CSV

CSV Utility Package V1.0.2 released

I made some fixes and enhancements to the CSV Utility Package:

  • Bug #9: Spaces before and after a value are treated correctly now
  • Enhancement #10: CSVReader forwards comment lines to callback objects
  • Enhancement #11: A test script was integrated to check major features
  • New Class: CSVUtils offers methods for copying JDBC results and JTable data to CSVWriters

You can download the latest release here.

Applications CSV

CSV Utility Package V1.0.1 released

A new update of my CSV Utility Package was released. It contains some fixes and enhancements:

  • Build system creates tar archive
  • Fixed Bug #2: NullPointerException in CSVReader class
  • Fixed Bug #4: Multiline values fail when a line looks like a comment
  • Enhancement #7: Excel Fix: first column of first row must not start with “ID”
  • Enhancement #8: Add row and column count

You can download the latest release here.